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EWA  WĘCŁAWOWICZ – GYURKOVICH,  Prof. D.Sc.Ph.D. Architect.   


She graduated from M.Sc. courses at the Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology in 1972. She has been associated with this Institute since when she started her employment with the Cracow University of Technology;  In 1990 she defended her Ph.D. dissertation. She was conferred with the degree of the Habilitated Doctor in Technical Sciences – Architecture and Urban Planning in June 2012, and she was granted the title of Professor under a decision of the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski, on 19 December 2014.

She has taken part in didactic classes devoted to historical subjects and conservation design, as well as freehand drawing and painting, conducting practical classes, seminars, and lectures in Polish and English. Since 1994 she has independently taught the subject Contemporary Architecture. Currently she is the supervisor or tens of Engineer and Master of Science diploma works, predominantly focusing on monuments preservation and adaptation of post-industrial structures from the late 19th century and the early 20th century to new functions. 

In her scientific work, her interests pertain predominantly to the aesthetics of the most recent Polish and world’s architecture, situated in the context of historical cities. She is interested in transformations, shaping, and passing of new trends in the architecture of the last thirty years and its contact with the historical tissue of European cities. Mainly to this subject matter she has devoted over 120 reviewed publications in scientific journals and books worldwide. For many years now she has been participating in international scientific conferences all over Europe, during which she has delivered over 80 lectures. She is the author of a 3 monograph books and editor of several others. 


Throughout her entire work at the university, she combined her scientific and teaching activities with creative work. She is the author and co-author of 89 architectural and urban designs, interior designs, recently of several dozen stained glass windows, in Poland, Ukraine, Japan, and in Hobart, Tasmania.


Since 1978 – member of MALARCH, a group of painting architects.


In the period 1999-2005 she fulfilled the function of a Deputy Dean for Teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology, during two terms of office. 


During her teaching work at the Faculty of Architecture, she was engaged in the international cooperation, conducting lectures and workshops for students in English; she organised teaching trips for students to Italy, Germany, France, Holland. For 15 years she coordinated student exchange with South West School of Architecture, University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, which in 1996 resulted in an invitation to apply for an accreditation of the Faculty of Architecture in Cracow by the Royal Institute of British Architects. Starting from 1999, graduates from the Faculty of Architecture receive two diplomas: a Polish one and an English one (RIBA 1 and RIBA 2).


Since 1974 she is member of the Society of Polish Architects, Branch in Cracow, DOCOMOMO, and since 2011 the Association of Monuments Conservators, as well as the Committee of Urban Planning and Architecture, Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Cracow, ICOMOS.


She has received numerous awards and distinctions for her teaching, scientific, and organisational activities: the Minister’s Award, the Silver Medal of Gloria Artis, the Gold Badge of the Minister of Culture and Arts for her care over monuments, the Gold Cross of Merits, the Rector’s Medal and Awards, the Honorary and Gold Badge of the Cracow University of Technology, Medals of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, the Bronze Badge of the Society of Polish Architects.


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