dr hab. inż. Joanna Ortyl

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Wydział Inżynierii i Technologii Chemicznej [C]
Katedra Biotechnologii i Chemii Fizycznej [C-5]

Dyscyplina: inżynieria chemiczna

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The goals of my research are:

1) Synthesis of new photoinitiators for cationic polymerization processes and study of their effectiveness and efficiency in photopolymerization of coating materials by by Fluorescence Probe Technology (FPT), Real Time FT-IR (RT-FTIR) and Photo Differential Scanning Calorimetry (p-DSC).

During my research a series of new diaryliodonium photoinitiators have been developed and their performance in initiation of cationic photopolymerization have been tested. The photoinitiators exhibit absorption characteristics compatible with the emission characteristics of medium pressure mercury lamps, which are main sources of UV light in industry. This solves the technological problem related to poor match between absorption characteristics of commercial photoinitiators and the emission characteristics of industrial UV light sources.

2) Synthesis of fluorescent compounds for the role of fluorescent probes for cationic photopolymerization and the application of FPT for monitoring of the progress of cationic photopolymerization processes.

Large project skills - participation in 8 research projects: 4 projects co-financed by the European Union, 3 projects of Ministry of Science and 1 international project in cooperation with the Russian Federation.


In addition, 18 works of popular science in Chemistry in School and co-author of the book "Inorganic Chemistry-range extended to secondary schools", to be released in 2013 by Publisher Pedagogical OPERON Sp. z o.o.

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